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Stick it to ‘Em September 10, 2008

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Alright, so… I’ve been slacking a little bit lately when it comes to this blog. I apologize. Unfortunately, sometimes life gets a little too busy, to the point where you barely have time to keep yourself looking presentable.

A number of new and innovative products have come along to make our makeup routines quicker and easier, including lipglosses that come in a tube and twist to bring the gloss into the applicator tip, so that they can be applied more easily (example: Revlon Lipglide), and a number of powders and bronzers that have the powder right in the handle of the brush (example: Sephora Brand Radiant Loose Powder In A Brush). And now, nail polish is following suit!

Enter Nic’s Sticks, a new line under the Nicole by O.P.I division of O.P.I (manufacturers of, arguably, the best nail polish EVER). These nail polish pens are about the size of your average magic marker, and make applying the season’s hot new nail colours a breeze. Simply shake the pen, pump the polish by pushing the buttong on the end a few times until you see the polish appear on the brush tip, and the apply! It’s as simple as that. And the best part is, they come in 24 great colours and are super portable, making it easy to touch up those inevitable chips before you head out to that party or boardroom meeting.

Nicole by O.P.I


Walking On Air August 27, 2008

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You can afford to have a little more bounce in your stride, especially now that you’re bouncing less on top (Say Hello To Your Breast Friend). If you are gainfully employed and, unlike myself, have $300 to blow on a pair of shoes, give your feet a treat with a pair of Cole Haan shoes featuring Nike Air technology.

Yes, I am serious.

With 180 shoes in various styles and colours, as well as a line of men’s dress shoes, the Cole Haan Nike Air Collection is guaranteed to put the spring back in your step, with every style of flats, heels, and boots to accommodate all of your footwear fantasies.

My choice for the upcoming cooler weather is the Jena Air Mary Jane in Pinot Noir suede and patent leather. Pair them with opaque or patterned tights and a knee-length skirt for a chic and sexy look for fall.

Cole Haan Nike Air Collection for Women at


Say Hello to Your Breast Friend August 21, 2008

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The other day, my boyfriend turned to me and asked, “Are you wearing a bra?”
No, I was not. Granted, I didn’t feel that it was necessary to, as it was 10 p.m. and we were in the privacy of our bedroom.
Then he said, “Well, try not to do that too often. I don’t want you to end up with those African boobs you see in National Geographic.”

As funny as his frank honesty was, a new study shows that we women may need to be a little more concerned about sagging than we think. In a study of 70 women with cup sizes ranging from AA to JJ, it was shown that our girls do not just move up and down when we exercise, but instead, move in all directions, making a figure-8 pattern. Unfortunately for us, sports bras have been made to address the up-and-down motion, not side-to-side or in-and-out.

Until now.

Enter the Shock Absorber bras. Launched in 1995 in the UK, these bras are designed to address the ins and outs (and side to sides) of breast movement during all kinds of exercise. These bras have been shown to reduce breast movement by 74%, whereas a normal bra only reduces movement by 38%, and unsupported breasts move an average of 14 centimetres! There is even a visualization feature of their website comparing the differences (based on your cup size and activity level), as seen below:

There are a wide variety of bras available within the product line to meet your individual needs, based on the size of your chest and the intensity of your exercise regime. All of the bras are designed to be stylish as well as comfortable, and address not only your cup size, but also your band size for even better fit and support.

For more details and your own personalized bra recommendations, check out

Shock Absorber bras are available online at,, and


Will Cook For Shoes

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If you’re reading this blog, I can only assume that, like myself, you are a modern woman (or modern man, for all of you gents). A domestic diva such as yourself has the right and the privilege to look just as irresistible as everything she cooks (or orders in… Don’t worry, we won’t tell anyone). If you thought aprons were a thing of the past, think again!

Domistyle is THE place to go for cooking attire. Ladies, these are not your grandmother’s aprons! With flattering fits, a wide variety of colour options, modern patterns, and various phrases to emblazon the bib, such as “Caution: Hot Dish”, “Yummy Mummy”, and “Will Cook For Shoes”, Domistyle has cornered the market on this one. Even better, their prices average around $40 per apron, so they won’t break the bank (or infringe upon your emergency shoe fund!). These Canadian women are slowly expanding their product range, and now offer aprons for the wonderful men and children in your life, as well. These are high quality, high fashion, and the perfect compliment to your fabulous culinery masterpieces!