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Stickers for Grown-ups August 21, 2008

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Did you ever collect stickers as a kid?

There’s a new way for us adults to enjoy some sticky fun, and no, it doesn’t involve whipped cream and ambient lighting. Say hello to the innovative new wall decals! With these fun, oversized stickers, you can easily transform a dull decor or a blank wall, and it only takes a matter of minutes! And the best part is, they’ll last for years, and all are completely removable and promise not to damage your paint.

If you Google them, you’ll be overwhelmed by the amount of sites out there, but I’ve narrowed down the options and reviewed the best of them here:

The Surface Collective

This is the go-to site for anything with an organic feel. From birds on a tree branch to cherry blossoms to a stag in a field, the ultimate nature decals are found here. But don’t let the initial earthy feel fool you — browse through the subsequent pages, and you’ll find stickers with serious street cred. From the urban to the urbane, and a cute (but limited) kids’ line, The Surface Collective has mastered how to keep the elegance in design.

Price Range: $50 – $280 CDN

Pros: Varied selection, whimsical designs, and the decals come in multiple pieces, so you can personalize the designs by varying the spacing and layering.

Cons: The high price tag.

blik Wall Decals

blik is like the Utopia of wall stickers, if you have the patience to navigate through the many subpages, organized by artist name and/or catgeory. But it is definitely worth the time, because blik has everything from antique furniture silhouettes to cartoon characters. There are also artist pages that are devoted to baby- and kid-friendly designs, and a special Threadless section devoted to designs ripped straight from the t-shirts on the website of the same name, which is ever popular with the teen and college indie crowds.

Price Range: $30 – $75 US

Pros: With Nintendo and Threadless decals, blik has cornered some important niche markets, and seems to have something for everyone. Also, blik Re-Stick decals are reusable! (If it doesn’t say Re-Stick, you can only use it once)

Cons: While they will ship to Canada and the US, blik doesn’t currently ship overseas.


dVider reminds me of that quirky little downtown housewares shop where the owners actually work in the store and know the regulars by name. The site has a warm, welcoming feel to it, and with 9 categories (nature, kids, animal, pattern, edgy, figure, mini, max, holiday), it is sure to fill any wall decal voids that exist in the world.

Price Range: $16 – $52 US

Pros: A wide variety of sticker sizes and the ability to choose different colours allows for more personalization.

Cons: Aside from the Figure section, the designs may not be outrageous enough to suit the more flamboyant or excessive types.

dezign with a z

This is probably one of my favourite sites out of all. The designs are bold, fun, and imaginative, and can be as tame or insane as you like. You can even customize the colour, size, and the direction that your decal faces. With all of those options, you can’t go wrong. Even better than that, you can send them a picture of your choosing and have a custom decal made just for you!

Price Range: $13 – $199 US (for supersized designs)

Pros: A great kids’ line adds to dezign with a z’s appeal, including a decal to track your little one’s growth.

Cons: The supersized designs will not only push the limits of your house, but also the limits of your wallet.